Originally planned as a cost saving measure, we decided to make a major investment in monoclonal antibodies.

Several of these antibodies exceeded expectations and we now aim to use them in future studies and to provide them to other interested researchers on either a collaborative, or cost recovery basis.


Nedoboy et al., 2016 - PMID 26791524

Kapoor et al., 2016 - PMID 27260963

Researchers interested in using these reagents should contact us: ppilowsky@gmail.com.

We currently have excellent antibodies to:

       Tyrosine hydroxylase.pdf

       pSer40 Tyrosine hydroxylase.pdf

       Norepinephrine transporter.pdf

The TH and pSer40TH antibodies are of different isotypes, and can be used together for dual immunohistochemical labelling with antibodies from Jackson Laboratories.

GFAP and IBA1 are coming contact us for information.