Dr Suja Mohammed

BSc (Biochem), MSc(Biochem), MSc (Biotech), PhD (Biomolecular Sciences)

Heart Research Institute


Biographical details

Suja Mohammed earned a Master in Biochemistry from University of Kerala with a research project on cholesterol metabolism in rats. She then joined as a biochemist in the R&D section of Sami Labs Ltd, India where she worked on anti-inflammatory bioactive molecules for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. She moved to Macquarie University, Australia in 2005 to pursue a Master in Biotechnology degree and further joined PhD. She obtained her doctoral degree from Macquarie University in 2011 where she identified a novel lipase gene from a Penicillium strain. Suja joined Australian School of Advanced Medicine as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2011 and then moved to Heart Research Institute in 2013.  

Research interests:

Develop molecular tools to genetically manipulate brain neurons which will lead to understanding their role in blood pressure control; Develop viral or non-viral vectors for regulation of neuronal activity in rat nervous system


Selected publications


PSer40 tyrosine hydroxylase immunohistochemistry identifies the anatomical location of C1 neurons in rat RVLM that are activated by hypotension. Neuroscience, Mar 11;317:162-72. Polina E. Nedoboy, Suja Mohammed, Komal Kapoor, Amol M. Bhandare, Melissa M.J. Farnham and Paul M. Pilowsky


Antagonism of PACAP or microglia function worsens the cardiovascular consequences of kainic-acid-induced seizures in rats. The Journal of Neuroscience. Feb 4;35(5):2191-9. Amol M Bhandare, Suja Mohammed, Paul M Pilowsky and Melissa M J Farnham


A gene encoding a new cold-active lipase from an Antarctic isolate of Penicillium expansum. Current Genetics: 59 (3): 129-137. Suja Mohammed, Valentino Te'o, and Helena Nevalainen