Opportunities for research in our team.

These do change with new discoveries (see Publications), but broadly, our work focuses on:

1. Neuropeptides in the central control of the circulation.

2. Neuropeptides in the central control of respiration and laryngeal function.

3. Neuropeptides and other neuromodulators in regulating adaptive reflexes (baro-, chemo-, somatic and visceral nociceptive).

4. Regulation of cardiovascular neurons by respiratory neurons.

5. Neuroplasticity and autonomic function - why do repetitive bursts of hypoxia (eg sleep apnoea), cause hypertension, but one long burst does not?.

6. Role of the innate immune system (microglia - brain macrophages) in regulating autonomic neurons in the cardiorespiratory system.

7. When is the sympathetic nervous system activated to increase blood pressure in people. Two current studies focus on heart failure and pregnancy.

Technical approaches range from cellular and molecular biology to electrophysiology and human studies.