Sokal and Rohlf 4th edition - the best and most important statistical textbook available - in my humble opinion). Most students learn stats when they don’t need it, and then develop a loathing for it and forget it quickly. This is a big shame since statistics is really a way to explain what you are seeing in the world - clearly. Sokal and Rohlf fixes the problem. PS. YOU WILL GET IT CHEAPER FROM OTHER SOURCES. Most user friendly software on the market.

Another useful Statistics program is 'Past'. It is advertised for paleontology, but does lots of cool things for everyone else. Or go to the Past homepage at - Kolmogorov Smirnov test - more good stuff from physics - csbju

John MacDonald’s Handbook of Biological Statistics - lots of good stuff online with excellent free external links.

Good site for doing ANCOVA and many others from VASSAR